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Frequently Asked Questions >>

The answer is yes! Laser cutting is a manufacturing method that uses a laser for cutting different materials, including textiles. You can get many advantages from using laser provided you choose the suitable Co2 sourced laser combine with appropriate laser power. If the laser machine is high-quality, you should expect extreme accuracy and clean cuts without rough edges. Also, laser fabric cutting comes with sealed fabric to prevent fraying. But if you choose a laser source other than Co2, or smaller watt, it won't cut the material due to low capacity.

Compared to manual cutting methods, laser cutting is a lot faster. But the actual cutting speed varies depending on the laser tube power and the thickness of the fabric. Generally cutting sportswear fabric with 100W laser tube, straight line speed can reach 400mm/s.

Laser cutting can be used on different fabric types, including jeans, fleece, lace, silk, cotton, Alcantara, softshell, polyester, linen, and felt. Lasers have incredible flexibility and precision that the beam melts the materials, resulting in perfectly sealed edges. You can even use this for laser engraving to give the fabric a unique finish.

The industrial fabric laser cutter price differs, depending on the types of cutting table, effective working area, laser power, number of laser heads, and most importantly, if having extra devices like top camera, ccd camera, projector, or active feeder, etc. Contact us now to get an instant quote for your specific application.

Yes, we have all the accessories like exhausting fan, air pump, water chiller, fan duct, etc. coming together with the laser. All you need to prepare is electricity, purified water and sometimes computer.

We have very detailed machine  and software installation and maintenance videos. And besides that, our professional engineers will provide you with prompt remote support through remote control software, telephone or video call and give you guidance step by step. And in the near future, we can also dispatch engineers to offer you local training. Let's hope for that day coming soon.

Thank you for such a stable, accurate and beautiful machine. More importantly, technical support is awesome, even far away.

KASU, is our first choice.

CK, TAG Apparel, Malaysia >>>

I am Siracusa Salvatore. I have a sportswear company in Italy. I often research materials and machinery in China for our work, and I had already in the past purchased an Italian galvanometric laser bridge for cutting fabrics on an embroidery machine. Then I bought a second laser with carpet for cutting fabrics for models.

In 2019 I went to China looking for a new laser for cutting sublimation printed polyester fabrics. I saw many lasers at the fair, but what struck me was the laser from KASU! After some tests, I bought it, and for two years, it never stops! It is a compact laser, simple to use, precise, and very fast also because it cuts with two heads at the same time and with its powerful camera it can cut continuously. The KASU company followed me in all phases, even after the installation was made directly by them. They are very responsive and solve problems instantly!

I am very happy I recommend it and if I needed it, I would also buy a second one. Thanks KASU.

<<< Siracusa Salvatore, Italy

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