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Laser Cut Patches, Labels And Appliques

Do you know that you can use Co2 laser cutter to laser cut most types of patches, labels, and appliques?

Yes, Co2 laser cutters are famous for their versatility, but they are also known as one of today’s most precise and accurate cutting tools.

Adding a camera to laser cutters makes it the ideal cutting tool to work on patches, labels, and appliques.

Application - Laser Cut Samples

Traditional Manual Position Cutting Methods

KASU KX Series CCD Manual Cutting Scissors
Electric Scissors- General Cutting Methods Cutting Applique patches and label-KASU LASER CUTTER
Electric Scissors
KASU KX Series CCD Manual Cutting Hot Iron
Handheld Iron Cutter
Position Cutting Printed Leather by Industrial Die Cutting Machine - KASU Laser
Die Cutting Machine

It's Time To Change Now!

The Co2 laser cutter is a superior cutting tool compared to other above-mentioned manual cutting devices, and the versatility of this tool increases its appeal further.

No matter how the patches, labels, and appliques are made, they all have some graphic design and need to be cut along specific contour outlines into designed shapes. 

So adding a camera to the laser cutter is necessary, and with the assistance of the CCD camera software, the Co2 laser cutter can automatically cut off the patterns. 

Laser cutters can also leave a sublime finish afterward due to their hot cutting process.

CCD Laser Types

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Small CCD Laser Cutter

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Top Camera CCD Laser Cutter

Why Laser Cut Patches, Labels, And Appliques?

Compared to their level of functionality, glass tube laser cutters made in China are super cheap.

A single laser cutting machine with a proper camera can replace up to seven workers and bring impressive ROI even after rent, electricity, and consumables.

The control software finishes the most difficult job. There is little need for manual labor and the cutting process is set automatically. 

Operator only needs to take care of the patterns pick-up job.

The whole cutting process can be highly automatic.

The laser control software is very easy to learn and junior high school graduates can be the operator and need at most 1 day to master.

The Co2 laser cutter is heat cutting and there is no mechanical friction that could lead to wear and tear. Only the beam will come in contact with the material.

Laser cutting has an impressive level of precision compared to other cutting methods. This level of accuracy is as high as +/- 0.1mm, which is one of the best you’ll get from laser cutting.

Although lasers can cut through thick materials, it’s best to use them with a single layer of fabric. But for plush toy, multi heads are available.

Designers can design at their wishes and laser cutting technology can realize massive production at a very low cost.

Laser tube is one of the consumables for Co2 laser cutting machine. But the Made-In-China Co2 glass tube’s ROI is super high.

One 100W laser tube can last for over 2 years based on 8 working hours per day. And you only need to pay about 300 US Dollars to replace one.

And the whole machine electricity consumption is about 2-3KW per hour.

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Recommended Models

KX Series - CCD Camera

KX Series – CCD Camera

KD Series - Top Camera

KD Series – Top Camera

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