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How Co2 Laser Cutting Machine Support Qatar World Cup 2022?

The World Cup 2022 in Qatar is in full swing, attracting the attention of fans from all over the world. On the green field, the players of each participating country fought fervently to compete for the Hercules Cup.

Fifa world cup 2022 - kasu laser cutter
Fifa World Cup 2022

Although the Chinese men’s national soccer team did not participate in the Fifa World Cup 2022, the “Made in China” team shone in the tournament.

There have been many articles on the internet about China’s contribution to the Qatar 2022 World Cup in the field of high technology.

For example, the Qatar World Cup stadiums, the “fan village” using container-style housing, stadium communication facilities, network equipment, photovoltaic power stations, pure electric service buses, etc. from the “Chinese power” full service in Qatar 2022 World Cup.

But in this article, we start from some details of the application that we may not pay much attention to and see how “Made in China” can help this World Cup 2022 Soccer Tournament be more successful.

Qatar 2022 World Cup - kasu laser cutter
Fifa World Cup 2022

Laser Cut World Cup 2022 Teams’ Country Banner

There are 32 teams representing 32 countries competing in Qatar World Cup 2022. Is your country competing in the biggest football tournaments in the world this year? Well, if yes, you are going to need your country banner to show support for your team.

Country banners always can add an exciting atmosphere and show your pride in your country. Check this working video to find out how the Co2 laser cutting machine cut out a fantastic range of national flags.

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Laser Cut 2022 Qatar World Cup Advertising Hanging Flag

The 2022 World Cup advertising hanging flags are mainly made of polyester fabric. Generally, it requires a smooth and hot sealed edge, so the flag is not easy to tear and can be reused.

Check this video to find out how a laser cutting machine can cut various designed and shaped advertising flags with super high speed and precision. And most importantly, the heat-cutting production cost would be super low due to no manpower needed.

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Laser Cut Qatar 2022 World Cup Soccer Jerseys

Soccer jerseys are made of 100% breathable polyester fabric, which can offer players a good wearing experience in the competition.

How do jersey manufacturers support a fast delivery for various designed soccer jerseys with minimum orders like 1pcs? Check this video to find out more.

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Laser Cut FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Mascot La'eeb Plush Toy & Hat

The official FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 mascot Laeeb has been a superstar lately. It’s so welcomed by kids and adults. You can not only hold it in your arms but wear it on your head.

Check this video to find out how the embroidered eyes and mouth of Laeeb been automatically laser cut.

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Hijab generally refers to head coverings worn by Muslim women. While such head coverings can come in many forms, hijab often specifically refers to a cloth wrapped around the head, neck, and chest, covering the hair and neck but leaving the face visible.

The hijab comes in different designs and colours representing some of the tournament’s participating nations. Please check this video to find out how these colorful hijabs can be produced by laser cutting machines with super high efficiency and high accuracy.

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Rituals in life often bring us a sense of happiness. Buying yourself a bedding with a Qatar 2022 World Cup design is one of the practices to make your life ritualistic.

Check this video to find out the secrets of how so many creatively cozy FIFA world cup sublimated beddings are auto-cut by fabric laser-cutting machines.

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Just like the Qatar 2022 World Cup Designed beddings, when you watch the FIFA world cup tournaments, a well-designed and comfortable cushion is indispensable.

Fast delivery, any photographic design, and low cost are the three main factors why the sublimation technology can be widely applied in so many different industries. And the same goes for the camera laser cutting machine. Check this video to find out more.

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You can decorate your home with a comfortable woven floor mat, which is a good memory of your World Cup Qatar 2022. Check this video to find out how our laser auto cut the digital-printed colorful mat, which looks nice and feels great!

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Pets have always been a very important part of our families. In such an important moment, change your pet’s costume, dress them up, and enjoy such passionate moments with us together.

Check this video to find out how we can use the fabric laser cutting machine to cut pets’ clothes with ease and low cost.

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The above-mentioned are only some examples of the items that the Co2 laser cutting machine can support the Qatar World Cup 2022. You can find out more applications of Co2 laser cutters on this website.

From the big game field to small souvenirs, from water and electricity to transportation and communication, “Made in China” serves many aspects of the World Cup in Qatar, contributing “Chinese power” to the Qatar World Cup.

Made in China” has entered a new stage of high-quality development of “Made in China”, and the new development of China will provide new opportunities for the world.

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