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How Is Laser Cutting Machine Used In Fashion Industry?

How diverse do you think laser cutters are in the fashion industry?

It may shock you to know that more than 90 percent of the fashion products in circulation today are made using laser cutter machines.

Luckily, you are about to find out exactly how they are used in the fashion industry.

Laser cutting machines can be used in the fashion industry on digital textile printing applications, embroidery lace, woven applique, leathers, sportswear, stripes, and perforation.

Laser machines are of different types, and their efficiency level would depend on the various materials with different thicknesses.

This article will discuss how laser cutters come and how they are used on these different fashion products.

You should also keep reading to find out how you can incorporate this into your production process. 

Custom Apparel Flatbed Laser Cutting Machine

Custom apparel is already becoming a market trend due to its unique advantages such as no warehouse needed, fast delivery, design at wish, etc.

And with this growing demand for customized garments, other traditional manual scissor cutting or enterprise-based computerized garment cutting machines like multi-layer cloth cutting machines and die-cutting machines cannot meet the fast delivery time with a small number of order requirements.

Fabric And Textiles Cut By KASU Co2 laser - Genuine Leather

Roll fabric feeding, and then laser cutting.

Compared with other cutting machines, the China-made glass tube Co2 laser has more advantages like flexibility, non-contact hot cutting, super high cutting precision, and super low investment, etc. 

With the assistance of CAD software, the laser control software finishes the most challenging job.

The cutting process is set automatically, and the operator only needs to take care of the patterns pick-up job. 

The fabric laser cutting machine is a great way to add more efficiency and added value to the overall process and is worth trying out.

You can check this link to understand more details.

Layout Import
Laser Auto Cut

Laser Engraving and Perforating Machine

Laser cutters can also be used in fashion designs for engraving and perforating on fabric and leather.

This, of course, comes with a unique advantage. With laser perforations, any shape that the designer needs to cut can come to life at a super low cost.

Knowing how expensive it could be to run a sewn product workshop, especially if there are many machines that could increase your electricity bill, finding out that a laser cutter is not as expensive gives a huge sigh of relief. 


There are various perforated fabric, leather, acrylic, and wood fashion products in existence today. Most of them are done with laser cutters; hence their intricate and delicate designs stand out. 

Sample Order Laser Cutting Machine With Drawing Pen

The laser with a pen can be used for normal pattern drawing and cutting for the sample or customized order.

This is great for working on customized fashion garments, wedding or party dresses, paper pattern designs, and so much more.

When you use this laser alongside layout software, one laser cutter can carry out multiple functions. 

Using the laser cutter, you can draw the pattern, cut paper or plastic patterns, and cut the fabric. Having a machine that makes it easy to cut patterns and fabrics will increase productivity and efficiency.

This leads to fast sampling and fast cutting, all advantages that make fabric cutting a breeze.


Applique Laser Cutting Machine With Small CCD Camera

Applique is ornamental artwork in which pieces or patches of fabric in different shapes and patterns are sewn or stuck onto a more significant part to form a picture or design.

It is commonly used as decoration and applied mainly in the fashion industry to quilts. 

There are several different applique and patches, such as embroidery patches, woven patches, digitally printed patches, and screen printed patches.

Many patches are still sewn to other fabrics, but the hot melt adhesive background sticker stuck to the patches is getting more and more popular. 

KASU KX Series CCD Cutting Sample Woven Label
Woven Label And Patches
KASU LASER KX Series CCD Cutting Sample Embroidery Applique
Embroidery Applique
KASU KX Series CCD Cutting Sample Dye Sublimated Applique
Dye Sublimated Applique

After being printed or embroidered in massive production, the appliques need to be cut efficiently and well-shaped.

Traditional cutting methods include scissors, hot iron cutting wire, and die punching machines. And compared to them, laser cutting appliques is obviously the easiest way.

With the assistance of the small CCD Camera, the laser cutter will auto-capture the features of repeated patterns and auto cut them off with a small-sized hot laser beam minimizing the fraying results and hot sealing the edges.

No die mode is needed and one small around EXW 5,000 USD KASU laser cutter KX1390-F with 1300*900mm working area can replace 10+ scissor workers.

Using the laser cutter will give you more accuracy, super high production, and, of course, save you a lot of money and energy.

KASU LASER Client Factory 5

Laser Cutting Machine With Top Camera

Printing and embroidery are two prevalent technologies in fashion products due to their decorative effectiveness.

But for these kinds of products, the cutting process is an often headache as you will need to cut along the specific outline of the graphic.

In addition, the traditional cutting technology can not automatically detect and process the significant soft material distortion, and a lot of labor will be needed.

And the laser cutting machine with the top camera is specially designed to cope with all the accuracy and efficiency challenges traditional position cutting methods face.

KASU LASER Traditional Position Cutting Dye Sublimated Sportswear - Electric Scissor
Electric Scissors
KASU LASER Traditional Position Cutting Embroidery Lace - Electric Soldering Iron
Electric Soldering Iron
KASU LASER Traditional Position Cutting Dye Sublimated Toy - Punching Machine
Punching Machine

✮ Dye sublimation

There is a huge pressure on textile printing companies to increase their sampling speeds in today’s customization clime, be more flexible, efficient, and print cheaper.

To achieve all these without compromising product quality, you had to search for a better way to print on fabric. And that’s where digital textile printing technology comes in.

The major advantage of digital printing technology is that each dot of ink can be produced in a different color, which allows for incredible high-resolution images. 

KASU LASER Traditional Position Cutting Dye Sublimated Sportswear - Scissor 2

And dye sublimation is the digital printing technology especially processing synthetic polyester fabrics, and is widely used in fashion products like apparel, apparel accessories, bags, socks, cushions, curtains, home textiles, etc. 

It involves using special heat-transfer paper for transferring prints to polyester fabrics by heat transfer machines. The ink dries instantly, and you don’t have to wash the printed fabric, which means that you can use the printed item immediately without worrying about ink smears. 

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The contour cutting function of the laser with the top SLR Canon camera can deal with the significant distortion of the digitally printed fabrics by detecting the graphic contour and generate a cutting path automatically.

No designed cutting file is needed as the graphic has a visible and precise edge.

✮ Embroidery lace

Besides printing, embroidery lace also can be used to make many lace fashion products such as wedding dresses, curtains, table cloths, and so much more.

Embroidery is well-suited to our modern fashion world because of its unique decorative, complex graphics and feeling of elegance and quality.


Embroidery lace auto position can also be cut by laser with a top SLR Canon Camera.

This cutting method not only automates traditional processes through its precision and versatility, but it creates a high standard of productivity and quality by automating the embroidery products production process. 

Based on the functions of the laser and lace materials, it can cut quickly and accurately. It is perfect for the preferred response times in today’s fashion clime.

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✮ Patches and accessories

As discussed in the Applique Laser Cutting Machine With Small CCD Camera section, patches can also be automatically cut by the laser cutting machine with the top SLR Canon Camera. 

The main differences between the two models are that the Top Canon Camera model’s vision software’s algorithm and more advanced detection functions.

The small CCD Camera model usually cuts small-sized patterns (generally suggesting no big than 14cm), while the top Canon Camera model can deal with both small and big-sized patterns with higher cutting accuracy and higher speed. 

With better functions, the SLR Canon Camera model is also a little bit more expensive than the small CCD model.

So you need to balance between your cutting needs and budget. We suggest you talk to the laser factory’s sales engineer to check which model suits you best. 


Laser Cutting Machine With Projector

After implementing one high-resolution BenQ projector on top of the laser cutting machine, the operator can do the position cutting semi-automatically by following instructions of the 1:1 cut pattern image projected on top of the cutting platform.

This solution is generally applied in the position-cutting products, which cannot be perfectly solved by the camera auto-detection technology yet.

KASU KP Series Laser Cutting Machine with BenQ Projector Working Process Calibration

✮ Genuine leather products

Genuine leather-made products like the jacket, handbag, shoes, belt, wallet, etc. are pretty popular in the fashion industry.

But genuine leather’s edges are all with different irregular shapes. And the grain of the leather itself is different in different parts, and some patterns need to be placed in the direction of the grain.

In addition, there are some locations on the leather that have imperfections, so you need to avoid these imperfections when placing the patterns.

KASU KP Series Laser Cutting Machine with BenQ Projector cutting samples genuine leather

The operator will need to manually lay the different shaped patterns on top of the irregular shaped leather with the assistance of the projector. 

And there are many types of genuine leather, including full-grain leather, top grain leather, corrected grain, and bonded leather. Under these primary types, there are also antique-grain leather and pigmented leather.

The result of the laser engraving and cutting speed will depend on the type of leather you’re working with, the depth of the leather, and the wattage of the laser tube. 

KASU KP Series Laser Cutting Machine with BenQ Projector Working Process Calibration 4

Generally, we recommend a 150w-200w laser tube for leather cutting, which could cut through as thick as ¼ inches with fast speed.

The benefit of using laser cutters on leather is that the sealed cuts will not fray. Also, it is incredibly consistent, precise, and fast.

No time needs to be wasted on clamping down leather since all you have to do is insert the sheet and cut your desired pattern.

✮ Stripe designed pattern products

Stripe-designed pattern position cutting by laser can also be done with a BenQ projector.

All the operator has to do is manually lay the fabric according to the layout of the different shaped patterns.

Every thought about how it’s possible to create striped patterns on different fabrics? We can see this on bedsheets, curtains, shirts, and so much more. These are all stripe-designed fashion products that have become hugely popular in the textile industry today.

Creating stripe designs is not complicated since the patterns are prepared before laying them out manually on the fabric. Then, the laser cutter gets to work on the rest.

KASU KP Series Laser Cutting Machine with BenQ Projector cutting samples striped T-shirts
KASU KP Series Laser Cutting Machine with BenQ Projector cutting samples striped sportswear

✮ Flyknitting shoe upper

Sportswear and sports shoe giant Nike Inc. Launched a revolutionary new running shoe that uses state-of-the-art integral knitting techniques to create a one-piece upper, which was virtually seamless about ten years ago and is nowadays becoming a very popular item in the fashion industry. 

Flyknitting shoe upper uses modern flat knitting techniques to create a two-dimensional component with built-in support. After knitted, a heat pressing machine would be applied to flat and harden the upper. 

KASU KP Series Laser Cutting Machine with BenQ Projector cutting samples fly knitting shoe upper
KASU KP Series Laser Cutting Machine with BenQ Projector cutting samples fly knitting shoe upper 3

But after these two processes, the upper would have bigger distortion, which cannot be easily auto processed by the vision technology as the cutting requirements are that the cut pattern size cannot change (so the automatic deformation matching function of the vision software cannot be applied here) and the central feature point of the upper must be centered, and the left and right upper graphics must be symmetrical.

So the shoe-upper cutting needs to be done by laser with a projector manually. The laser cutting fly knitted shoe upper has several advantages like no die mode required, very smooth cutting edge by laser’s hot beam, very high cutting accuracy, cutting and perforating finished at the same time in one cutter.

KASU KP Series Laser Cutting Machine with Benq Projector

Advantages of Laser Application In The Fashion Industry

  • This method of cutting fabric is both efficient and easy. It takes little manpower to execute.
  • Compared to traditional methods, laser application takes less time.
  • With laser cutters, you can cut the same design as many times as you want.
  • It is an accurate way of cutting intricate designs on fabrics.
  • Laser cutters offer a lot of flexibility, which means that you can program them to cut any shape of your choice.
  • Unlike traditional methods that rely on blades or scissors, laser cutters do not have this part that can easily become dull.

Disadvantages of Laser Application In The Fashion Industry

  • The edge of some of the materials would end up being a little too tough due to the heat cutting. This is not pleasant on the skin and leads to discomfort. So, if it touches the skin directly, then it’s not recommended. With the fashion industry, we want tools that will get the job done without sacrificing comfort.
  • Some materials end up having a yellow edge. As you can imagine, this is not pleasing to the eyes, especially when it is not sewn inside. If the yellow edge is visible on the outside, then it can’t be accepted. Hence, this laser application is not recommended due to this fault.


Laser cutting has diverse applications in the textile industry. It’s a great way to add more efficiency to the overall process and is worth trying out.

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